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Finding Your Flavor

This session is designed for teens and women on a path to find who they are purposed to be in life. Indulge in a food tasting as we discuss how our various roles and responsibilities shape us and create vision boards. 

Loving Beyond Limitations

This session is designed for those interested in improving their quality of life and approach to relationships with others. We discuss how the understanding of love impacts interactions within relationships of all types.  

Forgiving When It Hurts

This session highlights the importance to forgiving others to bring fulfillment of joy and clarity to visions in your life.  Forgiving can sometimes be a painful experience but it is necessary part of moving forward. 

Life Beyond Challenges

This session is designed for teens and young adults trying to readjust to life after a challenge.  Participants will create plans for future success and discover ways to use a challenging experience as a launching pad rather than a landing pad for the future.

Poised for Purpose

This session is designed for youth. Participants will discuss potential, outlook, inspiration, self-awareness and expectation as related to purpose. 

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